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Evans Auditorium

I worked as a theater technician at Evans Auditorium from December 2012 - December 2015. While employed at the auditorium I learned a lot about live sound, lighting, digital audio consoles, and stage work. Here are just a few samples from some of my favorite events that I worked.

Phat Sounds Media

My senior year at Texas State University (2015) I partnered up with a small startup media company that was providing video/audio recordings, live streaming events, and website development. Here are a few recordings that I have mastered for the company.

Deep Fried Soul

I have been playing keyboard in this band since its foundation in 2013. We play mostly funk, soul, and blues music for any occasion. This playlist contains a live recording and mix I did when we played at The Encore Sound State in Wimberley,TX.

The Roosevelt Bradley Quintet

I recorded this group during my senior year in the A room at Fire Station Studios. These guys are music students at Texas State. They also play for their worship service every Sunday in San Antonio.

Blue Rock Studios - Solas

This is an example of a video shoot that I directed live for Blue Rock Studios. I was exposed to the life of commercial studio work while I interned at the studio as well as learning what goes into live streaming concerts and studio sessions.

Blue Rock Studios - Donavon Frankenreiter

Here is another session that I worked for Blue Rock Studios. I was operating one of the video cameras during this recording/video shoot. During my time at Blue Rock I got a lot of camera work experience and am very comfortable behind the lense of any video camera.

Gooseberry Jam

I mixed these songs for my uncle's rock band during my sophomore year (2014) at Texas State University. This was my first experience using melodyne to tune up vocals in order to tighten up a mix.

Lance Lopez

These are the live mixes from an event I worked at Vintage Air. I was there to setup the live sound equipment and mix the whole show. Lance Lopez is a well known Texas blues guitarist who has played with many well known artists such as B.B. King and Billy Gibbons.

Timothy Traylor

These are a few of the tracks I recorded for a friend my sophomore year at Texas State. This was my first experience recording a full album of any kind. I learned a lot about organizing files and controlling bass frequencies in a mix.

Various Works

Here is a playlist of other recordings that I did while going to school at Texas State. These were recorded in the A room and the B room.